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UNICRI has been tasked by the European Commission with the overall coordination, provision of technical assistance and monitoring the implementation of twelve projects in South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) and Central Asian countries (Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) in the specific field of bio-safety and bio-security. This programme falls under the second phase of the European Commission’s programme entitled Strengthening Biosafety and Biosecurity Capabilities and is funded under the European Union’s Instrument for Stability.

The Biotechnology Initiative

Advances in Biotechnology are occurring at an unprecedented rate, opening doors for seeking improvements in important fields such as health, food and environment. However, rapidly advancing capabilities, decreasing costs and widely expanding access to and participation in modern biotechnology simultaneously increase the likelihood of safety and security risks that could endanger public health and the environment.

The threat of terrorism through the use of unconventional technological means cannot be ignored. The food and agriculture industry can be a vulnerable target for the terrorists given the potential high level of health and economic damage that can be achieved by attacking this sector.

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