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Illicit pesticides, organized crime and supply chain integrity

Illicit pesticides, organized crime and supply chain integrity

Illicit pesticides represent a lucrative activity for organized crime and a concrete threat to security, development, health and the environment, and consequently require urgent response from the national and regional authorities, as well as the international community and the United Nations. To address this growing threat, UNICRI has developed a programme aimed at enhancing an international strategy to counter serious and organized crime involved crimes having an adverse impact on the environment, including in the trafficking of illicit pesticides.

The main objectives of the program were to:

  • deepen the general understanding of current trends in the illegal, counterfeit and substandard pesticides market;
  • identify and share good practices for detecting, investigating and prosecuting illegal and counterfeit pesticides related activities; and
  • improve the law enforcement and the judiciary capacities in countering illegal and counterfeit pesticides.

UNICRI organised an Expert workshop involving representatives from the law enforcement, environmental agencies, the academia, the private sector and regional and international organisations to discuss the challenges and vulnerabilities of the supply chain and exchange good practices to counter the issue.

UNICRI published a report entitled "Illicit pesticides, organized crime and supply chain integrity" aimed at deepening the general knowledge on current trends related to illicit pesticides, identifying the actors and organized crime groups (OCGs) and networks involvement and their modus operandi, and understanding the supply chain vulnerabilities. The report proposed a roadmap for actions outlining the follow-up activities to be implemented, to disseminate best practices, to reinforce dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders, and to enhance national and international capabilities to combat international illicit trafficking of pesticides.

Download the report: