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Inauguration of the new specialized course on International Criminal Law and Global Threats to Peace and Security

Turin, Italy -

Opening ceremony of UNICRI’s specialized course on international criminal law and new threats

The importance of knowledge dissemination, capacity building and international cooperation 

The United Nations Interregional Crime and Research Institute (UNICRI) launched a new specialized course aimed at analyzing and providing in-depth knowledge on the various areas of expertise developed by the Institute during more than 50 years of its operation. The opening ceremony took place on Monday, 27th of March at the Turin Municipality and included the participation of the Councillor for the Environment of the Municipality of Turin, Ms. Stefania Giannuzzi; the Police Commissioner of Turin, Mr. Salvatore Longo; the Commander of the Piedmont Region Financial Police, General, Mr. Fabio Contini; and the Director of UNICRI, Ms. Cindy J. Smith.

In her opening address, the Councillor for the Environment, Ms. Giannuzzi, highlighted the fundamental role of cooperation in facilitating the exchange of ideas and innovation to address the constantly evolving environmental global risks. The requirements for an effective cooperation, spamming from an integrated approach, to strong institutions and a participative approach were described as key factors in the fight against environmental crimes. The Councillor also underlined that climate change can compromise local instability.

Specialized Training 2017

The Police Commissioner of Turin, Mr. Longo, described the new challenges and global emergencies such those associated to international terrorism, and explained that while their impact has usually immediate consequences at local level, national and international responses are needed.

General Contini explained the role of the Financial Police as a specialized body to investigate economic crimes and the effectiveness of cooperation in countering crimes on an international and regional level. The support provided by the Italian Financial Police in the establishment of a regional police cooperative framework in Latin America was presented as an example of effective cooperation to investigate transnational crimes.

During the opening, high level speakers expressed their support to the specialized training launched by UNICRI and stressed its importance in promoting knowledge and cooperation. The course aims to examine the evolution of crime and security threats, identifying the necessary international instruments and legal frameworks to prevent and counter old and new phenomena affecting countries all around the world A fundamental element of the course involves the promotion and exchange of good practices and experiences that allows for the creation of new networks with leading academic institutions, national, regional and international organizations, and research centers.

The training programme includes presentations from the global community of experts in crime prevention and justice related issues, scientists and policy makers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, and other justice personnel from national, regional and international organizations at the forefront of the fight against threats to social peace, development and political stability. With this new specialized course, UNICRI aims to build and develop the capabilities of post graduate students and professionals that intend to work in an international environment in fields related to the prevention of transnational crime, and the strengthening of state law. Contributing to the specialized formation of a new generation of professionals in the sector, the program aims to promote equality and efficiency in justice systems, sustaining the development of innovative strategies to combat current and future threats.

Cindy J. Smith, during her concluding remarks addressed the course participants and said: “Today the images of death and devastation on the numerous war fronts and our streets are open wounds in our collective conscience. Much progress is needed to foster security and peace through development and social cohesion. You will contribute to this progress.”

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