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Freedom From Fear magazine issue 17

The latest issue of Freedom From Fear Magazine is out!

New issue of the Magazine Freedom From Fear

Turin -

EXTREMISM: No Victory in Violence – no peace without development, justice and inclusion 


Terrorism and violent extremism are the bane of our time. From individual lone-wolf mass shootings to suicide bombings, the methods vary but the impacts are devastating. Beyond loss of lives, injuries and the destruction of infrastructure, the twin scourges of terrorism and violent extremism threaten democracy, adversely affect stability of governments, and retard economic development. Such incidents are difficult to foretell and forestall due to their pervasive and unpredictable nature.

As the United Nations research and training institute for criminal justice and crime prevention, UNICRI has a vested interest in enhancing safety and security. The Institute closely monitors trends and developments, with a view to enhancing the capacity of Member States and partners to prevent, curtail or respond to such incidents. UNICRI implements an array of programmes that contribute to counter-terrorism efforts and works with UN entities, governments, and civil society actors in its whole-of-society approach.

This issue of Freedom From Fear magazine highlights trends related to terrorism and violent extremism.  It illustrates efforts by UNICRI and partners to stay ahead of the curve through diverse initiatives. From analysing new tools used by terrorist actors to new hot spots for terrorist attacks, this issue shows evolving trends as terrorists and violent extremists adapt to a changing world.

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About Freedom From Fear magazine

Freedom From Fear (F3) is a magazine published by UNICRI in cooperation with Ghent University. It aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and awareness of the international community's priority issues in the field of justice, crime prevention and human rights.


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