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Strengthening the ethical and human rights component of the drug control initiatives is at the basis of the collaboration that UNICRI has established with the Ministry of Health, since 1991 and, more recently, with the Department for Drug Policy of its Host Country, Italy, to develop tools and instruments for professional knowledge sharing. This includes the establishment of a clearinghouse on drug prevention and related social phenomena, the publishing of a specialized scientific journal, and an advanced training programme for continuing education in drug prevention and control.

The ultimate goal of these initiatives is to expand the support that could be offered to Member States to access a knowledge-driven environment, through facilitating the adoption of up-to-date scientific instruments, and through providing means of easily accessing knowledge of the latest cross-cutting policy and research trends. In this manner UNICRI seeks to promote the exchange of best practices as well as contribute to building partnerships between research institutions across countries and regions.


Italian Journal on Addiction

Bollettino sulle Dipendenze